What Vanessa Writes?

What do I write about? Everything. Everything. I have yet to meet a topic too bold or boring.

For two years I was a blogger at CircleV.blogspot.com. I’ve included a down and dirrrty sample of my favorite and/or most popular posts below. 

Currently, I’m working on a novel (see the prologue at www.thehiddenduchess.wordpress.com) as well as a novella called A Wicked Game and the prologue is in the tab above.

From my blog (RIP):

Local activities: Hipster Watching

Being a judgemental bitch: Horse Faces vs. Hubbell Girls  

Tales from school girl swinger nights

My relationship advice:

On First Date DC (Hall of Fame)

He wants to change the relationship rules

He cheated, I think

On Circle V, my two favorite words: TOUGH LOVE, baby.

Tips for my fellas Part I

Part II

Part II, II

Random thoughts on life 

And what it means to be a lady


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